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Welcome to Hellenic American Academy - Saturday School

Established in 1908, Socrates Greek School has a long and rich tradition of quality Greek Education and enjoys excellent standing within the Greek American Community and abroad.

Our mission is to provide a well rounded Greek language program which instills a sense of pride in Hellenism, Orthodoxy, and Greek American Identity and Community; promotes bilingualism and positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.

Our Modern Greek program covers all levels of language competency. Starting from Preschool, we are currently offering classes at a Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, and Lyceum levels.  For better learning results, students are placed in language acquisition levels according to their Greek Language proficiency and age. Our highly qualified educators use effective teaching strategies and a variety of resources to teach the Greek language and culture.

Our Greek language program is grounded in theory and research and is accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education and the Illinois Board of Education.  Students who systematically attend our program are capable of successfully passing the Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek from the Center for the Greek Language, the sole title of proficiency in Modern Greek valid worldwide.

This website has been designed to enhance the communication between our faculty, parents, students and community.  Check back with us frequently to see your child’s homework, latest news about our school, and to learn about upcoming events and activities.  If you would like to visit our school, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Voula Sellountos
Head of Schools


PreK - 12th Grade 
  • Emphasis on language skills
  • Awareness and appreciation of history, literature, and culture
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Highly qualified educators  
  • Variety of teaching resources
  • High Success in Greek Proficiency (Ellinomatheia) Exams
  • Awards in local and international competitions 
  • Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education and the Illinois Board of Education

                                Τη γλώσσα μου έδωσαν ελληνική

                           το σπίτι φτωχικό στις αμμουδιές του Ομήρου.

                      Μονάχη έγνοια η γλώσσα μου στις αμμουδιές του Ομήρου...

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