Mrs. Lance's 
Fourth Grade Math Class 

Margaret Mead

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."

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Mrs. Brenda Lance
4th Grade Mathematics
David L. Rainer Elementary School


Welcome to fourth grade! I am so excited to be teaching your children this school year!

We are going to have a fantastic time in our class, we will be discovering so many new and exciting things together. 

My goal is to create an environment that will make each student wonder, question, criticize, and critique learning.

Fourth graders will have a busy year learning new math skills and concepts. Mastering all of these skills and concepts is extremely important in order to develop a solid math foundation. The math skills that your child learned in third grade are essential for your child to be able to understand the new skills that will be taught in fourth grade. Each year builds upon the previous years math skills and concepts. So any time spent reviewing or reinforcing these skills wand concepts will be very beneficial for your child. 

A huge part of third grade was spent mastering addition, subtraction, and multiplication.   These skills are absolutely essential to success in the fourth grade. Students should have automatic recall (within the snap of your fingers) of addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts in order to meet the challenges of fourth grade with confidence.  


Albert Einstein

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken 
joy in creative expression and knowledge.”