Welcome to Fifth Grade!
    I would like to welcome you to Fifth Grade.  We are going to be busy this year creating, evaluating, writing and reading.  I am excited about the opportunity to be able to work with you this year.  Together we will all succeed in anything we attempt. 

Class Schedule

7:20-7:39 Prepare for the day
7:40-7:55 Take attendance, listen to morning show, collect any notes.   
7:55-9:55 Block A
9:55-11:57 Block B
11:57-12:27 Lunch
12:27-12:45 RECESS
12:45-1:10 SEAtime/DI Time
1:10-2:00 Resources
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Rotation (PE,PE,Careers, ELA Enrichment/ART)
Wednesday: Technology
Thursday: PE
Friday: No Resource this nine weeks