Inventory Manager, LDR Industries

Three months of training is worth a lifetime for Maria Guzman.

A graduate of Greater West Town Training Partnership’s Shipping and Receiving program, Maria carries skills and life-lessons learned in the program, with her every day. Maria came to GWTP with some warehouse experience, but it only took her one day to realize that this training would change her career and her life. She credits the instructors for allowing her and urging her to live up to her full potential.

“The instructors are amazing,” Maria says. “ They don’t judge or look at past records. Instead they focus on future. I thought I knew myself – but this is a better me.”

 The training provides an understanding of the entire process of a warehouse and teaches students about the industry from start to finish. Not only did Maria learn skills that allow her to navigate any shipping and receiving center, but she also learned interview skills, office work, and other skills she knows she wouldn’t learn on the job. Furthermore, the instructors help each student identify and pursue his or her strengths while understanding and working through weaknesses. For Maria, that has enhanced her career and her life immensely.

Now, Maria is an inventory manager at LDR Industries. She was promoted after only eight months. She credits the quick promotion to her training and her drive. Once Maria hits the floor, she gets the job done and doesn’t stop until she has given 110%.

“Maria demonstrated a great work ethic throughout the training and carried it over to her new job,” says GWTP instructor William Molina. “Her employer stated that she is a great worker and she has contributed a lot to the company since she started.”

In just one year, Maria has gone from being in a dead-end job and struggling financially, to loving her job, being confident in herself, and doing anything she can to help others. Maria wants to continue working at LDR and hopes to move up to a manager position. Until then, she loves what she does every day. “The training gave me a better understanding of the business,” Maria says, “and that has led to me enjoying the work even more.   If someone gets into GWTP, that will be the best opportunity they’ve ever had.”