General Info


Twelve Weeks of Classroom and Practical Development In:
  • Basic Shipping and Receiving Procedures
  • Forklift operation and OSHA Safety Standards
  • WMS/Computerized Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Operations
  • UPS & FedEx Documentation Preperation
  • Pre-employment / Job readiness skills, workplace ethics
  • Review of basic skills in math and reading

We Also Aid Our Graduates With
  • Job Placement
  • Retention Support

(312) 563-9028 telephone
(312) 563-9756 fax

  • Bob Fittin - Director of Training Program
  • Lillian Lopez - Administrative Coordinator
  • Linda Thomas - Director of Client Services/ Basic Skills Instructor
  • Ellen Lindsey - Basic Skills Instructor
  • William Molina - Career Development Specialist
  • Agustin Jaramillo- Shipping & Receiving Technical Instructor

Program staff have a range of industry and education experience and are dedicated to meeting the needs of program participants and employers who hire from the program.