The Greater West Town Training Project provides two sector-based training programs: A Woodworkers Training Program and  a Shipping and Receiving Training Program, both designed to help match the needs of area manufacturers and local workers. Our classroom curriculum and hands-on training have been developed in partnership with local industry and continuously updated by community business leaders to ensure that the skills that participants develop in class are marketable and meet current industry standards. 

After a successful two-year research, planning, and development process involving more than twenty-two area companies, the Woodworkers Training Program began its first class in March 1993. For area residents, this program addresses the urgent need of disadvantaged residents--such as Empowerment Zone residents, ex-offenders, long-term welfare recipients, and women seeking non-traditional careers--for technical skills training leading to careers offering decent wages, stable employment, and growth potential. At the same time, the program addresses the needs of a strategic local industry to develop the skilled and motivated workforce it requires to stay and expand operations in the area, while competing successfully in the global economy. The Woodworkers Training Program is now in its 70th Training Cycle. Today, a number of local woodworking firms credit the program for their manufacturing success; others cite the program as an important factor in the decisions to remain and expand operations in the area. Woodworkers Training has been widely recognized-by state and local government, and by national public policy research organizations-as a model community-business partnership. In February of 2017, the program added an additional state-of-the-art CNC machine. The Woodworkers Training Program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. 

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In February of 1996, GWTP successfully replicated the pioneering community-business partnership model established by its Woodworkers Training Program with the beginning of its Shipping and Receiving Training Program. The Shipping and Receiving Training Program implements the linkage between the workforce needs of local business and the employment needs of area residents in a broad new way. The program opens a wide range of entry-level career starting points in transportation and logistics-related careers for disadvantaged area residents while producing workers with skills in demand by virtually all employers engaged in manufacturing and distribution. The Shipping & Receiving Training Program is now in its 63rd Training Cycle. The Shipping & Receiving Program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. 

Funding for this project is made possible through a grant provided by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership