Program Description

The Adult Placement Program of Greater West Town Community Development Project helps job seekers find and keep employment. Services we provide include:
• Skill Assessments 
• Job Placement Counseling
• Job Readiness Coaching 
• Job Placement and Follow-Up Support Services 
• Free Faxing, Copying, Telephone and Internet Services for Job Search
• Prescreening and Referral of Qualified Job Applicants 
• Information on Career Planning, Job Searches, and Interviews
• Seminars in Resume Writing, Job Search, and Interviewing Techniques

What we Do
From the moment a prospective job seeker enters our office, we initiate a plan of success that enables the individual to function in a productive atmosphere 
Our skills assessment program helps job seekers identify the skills that employers are looking for and helps put into perspective the potential that those individuals have
Our job placement counseling offers job seekers information on career choices that were previously unclear
Our job readiness coaching teach job seekers valuable skills such as resume writing, interviewing techniques and job search skills 
Our job placement and follow-up support services help clients by offering job leads and continuing an ongoing relationship with job seekers that goes well beyond finding a job