GWTP's Adult Placement Programs provide a comprehensive array of services to a diverse range of unemployed & underemployed community residents and to local employers. Through GWTP's Job Search Assistance, Direct Placement Services, GWTP provides the skills, support, and employment opportunities critically needed by disadvantaged community residents. Since November 1988, GWTP has established Job Readiness Programs & Employment Services for neighborhood workers at 220 local companies. Thirty-eight hundred low-income community residents and dislocated workers have been trained, given support services, and placed in jobs in the community. GWTP has distributed over $900,000 in Federal grants to local businesses to support the hiring and training of neighborhood workers.
We're a job-seekers personal one-stop center. We help bring together solid, experienced workers and motivated entry-level workers with local employers looking for quality job candidates; we do the recruiting and assessment so the employer doesn't have to.

We can Help
Whether our clients need assistance drafting a resume, gaining computer skills, obtaining a GED, or a referral to our extensive network of service providers, we can meet their needs. Our multilingual staff is trained to help overcome language difficulties. We have worked with a diverse set of clients and have helped overcome a wide range of employment barriers, including ex-offender status, homelessness, transportation issues and more.

We're Experienced
Over 450 local companies have hired our candidates since we began our job placement training and education programs in 1989.

We're Holistic
We work with both our youth programs and training programs to provide job placement assistance upon graduation. Utilizing our network resources, we have had a 90% placement rate for GWTP training program graduates.

Adult Job Placement Services Staff:
  • Shanell Rainey, Job Developer
  • Lili Rosa, Job Developer