School Council


Welcome to 0ur Gwaunfarren Primary School Council page. 

Here you will be able to keep up to date with all the work the School Council members are currently involved in to make our school a better place to learn. 

Pupil Voice is an important part of life for the children at Gwaunfarren Primary School. We want each child to be able to wholeheartedly contribute to their own learning journey, and the future development of the school. As part of our commitment to school development we have a thriving School Council made up of pupils from Year Three, through to Year Six. Each member successfully applied to become a member of our school council and represent their peers. The school Council is currently engaged in a range of projects including improving energy efficiency, waste reduction and establishing a fruit tuck shop for Key Stage Two.

The school council meets weekly and the children discuss any school improvement suggestions made by other children in our school, and their views about current school life. This then helps to feed into the School Improvement Plan - our action plan for the year ahead.

Click on the link below to visit our School Council Site.