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School Development

School Development Targets 2017/18

Priority One - Literacy

Oracy – using talk as a pre-requisite for writing (T4W) using ‘Into Film’ and oracy stems to develop oracy skills. 
Reading – using ‘reading attack’ yr 2+ to develop speed, comprehension and sub vocalisation skills. FP- using reading buddies to develop HFW and continue GGR. 
Writing - Using T4W story maps to develop and improve writing skills across the school. Use of Alan Peat (Yr 2+ to improve grammar and punctuation)

Priority Two - Numeracy

To use the bar modelling strategy across the school to develop problem solving skills.

Priority Three - ICT

To improve the quality of ICT provision across the curriculum, developing digital competency.

Priority Four - Teaching and Learning

To use the teaching continua to improve standards of teaching and learning. To begin to develop and embrace the principles and purposes of the new curriculum.

Priority Five - Wellbeing

 To improve the wellbeing of pupils through PCP and pupil voice.