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AT-GWAEA team members provide customized training to district school buildings and department staff upon request when possible.

  • Implementation of Bookshare in your school
  • Text Reader Software Options
  • Screening Tools to Support Provision of Accessible Instructional Materials
  • iPad Use to Support Specialized Reading and Writing Needs
  • Technology Tools to Support Writing
HOW MANY ATTENDEES NEED TO ATTEND? Our intent for this type of training is that the content shared would be implemented and utilized throughout the school.  Therefore these requests should only be submitted if you have a large number of people interested in a specific topic.  Smaller numbers of individuals interested should register to attend a scheduled workshop through the GWAEA Professional Development office.

HOW DO I REQUEST A TRAINING AT MY SCHOOL?  Contact Julie Freed, via email.  Please provide at least 4 weeks advance notice for these requests.

AT-GWAEA team members work with building IEP teams to support the effective and appropriate use of assistive technology using a collaborative model that provides feedback, modeling and support.  This support is not a direct service to the student but rather a means to provide the IEP team with the necessary technical assistance and guidance to thoughtfully consider assistive technology for students on IEPs with specialized learning needs. 

IEP teams may request AT-GWAEA support to assist them with the Consideration of Assistive Technology with the intent of this collaboration to build capacity within the building IEP team.

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  • Please click on the link above and complete the AT Request for Support Form if you are in need of direct AT Support.  A member of the ATGWAEA team will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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