Each region has a designated representative who is available in your region to answer questions related to evaluations.  Please contact your rep if you need support during an evaluation.

Leadership Team Contacts

Leads Austin Beer and Hillary Prall

Northwest: Heather Marolf

Northeast: Hannah Robson

Central: Jack Rainey

Southwest: Darcy Schaefer

Iowa City: Erin Welsh

Cedar Rapids: Angie Miller and Ambre Bernard

Speech: Deb Hollensbe


Welcome to the Grant Wood AEA Child Find Training Resource Center.  Here you will find all of the materials and resource for Child Find Training.  The tabs at the top of the page will direct you to each component of eligibility and the materials needed to provide a deeper staff understanding of eligibility.  Additional content is available for exclusionary factors and the Educational Evaluation Report.  
If you would like to add content please contact Austin Beer, Hillary Prall, or any of your region's Child Find Lead Team members.

Parent Orientation to Eligibility Video