Grant Wood AEA is proud to be providing a number of breakout sessions at this year's Iowa 1:1 Institute. All the resources for these sessions are hosted on this site, so feel free to bookmark this site to access it at a later date.
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Calling All Teachers & Administrators!

Here are a few programs at Grant Wood you may be interested in "following" for great classroom technology material.

This institute is intended to build knowledge of the Iowa Core Curriculum technology literacy skills while creating a collaborative community of learners.

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In 2011, Grant Wood AEA rolled out some 300 iPads to our consultants. This site was created to support that but there are several resources here that would be valuable for classroom teachers as well.  Here are just a few:
  • GWAEA User GroupHow are you using your iPad? Share your success stories and find out about new apps to use.
  • iPads & Education: Looking for inspiration? Want to see how other educators use their iPads? Find out here.
  • Great Free Apps: Some of the best iPad apps are free apps. Browse our growing collection of truly great apps here.
  • iPad App Tutorials: Watch our custom app tutorials to learn more about how to use your growing collection of apps.
  • App Evaluation Rubrics: Learn how best to evaluate the usefulness of an educational app with these rubrics

Register for iPadU Today!

On July 9, 10 &11, 2014, Grant Wood AEA will be hosting a conference to celebrate and expand upon innovative classroom integration strategies for the iPad. Join us for two days for workshops that will guarantee exciting, hands-on learning experiences that you can use to enhance teaching and learning in a K-12 classroom. Matt B. Gomez will be our keynote speaker. Register here!

To help meet the demands of our staff, and the school districts we work with, Grant Wood has delivers many iPad professional development opportunities each year. This site has a list of all all the workshops we have done, and has all the training materials we use when teaching educators about how to use iPads in the classroom.

The AEA 1:1 Website

Has your school or district gone 1:1 with technology? Are you thinking about going 1:1? Then, visit our 1:1 Resources website! It is a joint effort from all the AEAs in Iowa, and it has a wealth of information for districts that are exploring a 1:1 learning initiative. Discover best practices, and check out the 1:1 Schools "fusion table" to see if your school is listed.