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Our Team:
Amy Graber, LISW
Behavior Consultant

Kari Kempf, PhD
Behavior Consultant

Steph Olson, LMSW
Behavior Consultant

Krista Hennager, PhD
Behavior Consultant

Jill Weigel, EdD
Regional Administrator

The Challenging Behavior Support Team collaborates with AEA and LEA teams for the purposes of assessing challenging behavior, developing effective intervention plans, providing the supports needed for school teams to implement individual plans effectively, and building capacity in the areas of assessment and intervention planning.

How to make a request for GWAEA behavior consultation
Requests for consultation to the team will be triaged through the regional Behavior Coaches via conducting a needs assessment: Needs Assessment Flowchart

Based on the needs assessment data, the student's school team may continue to be supported by the Behavior Coach or the request may progress to the Challenging Behavior Support Team.

Accepted requests for consultation are those of students who have an FBA and BIP that have been updated within the previous two calendar years.  If the FBA and BIP have not been updated within the past two years, this will need to be done prior to submitting a request for consultation. Your behavior coach can assist you with this process as needed.

Documentation needed to request behavior consultation
Please have your GWAEA building contact send the following to dhrabak@gwaea.org or Dawn Hrabak at 4401 6th St SW Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Request for Consultation Form (see below for link, also attached as word doc to bottom of web page)
  • IEP
  • FBA
  • BIP
  • Any additional behavior data
For Request for Consultation Form click HERE

For Description of Services click  HERE

For Service Model Flow Chart click HERE

Informal Consultation
Our team is happy to consult with AEA staff members on behavior data collection/analysis, designing behavior intervention plans, and the FIE process for behavior.  If you would like to meet informally with one of us, email a CBST member.
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