Hard as it might be to believe, Google Sites work very well with other Google apps! :) Calendars, Documents, Maps, Presentations, Spreadsheets and more are quick and easy to add. Here's how to include them on your Site.

1. Inserting Google Docs, Spreadsheets, & Presentations
  • Edit page > Insert > Choose the app you wish to embed on a page.
  • Follow the prompts to select a document, calendar, location, etc.
  • Consider resizing the gadget if necessary or to eliminate a scroll bar. Edit page and click the gear icon on the gadget.
  • IMPORTANT: When inserting documents, check the sharing permissions. Private documents will not show up for site visitors. You will see them, because they are your documents, but others will not.

2. Insert a Google Drive Folder instead of Attachments
  • Edit Page > Insert > Drive > Folder > Choose the folder you want to add to your Google Site.
  • For a folder the full width of your site, leave the width box blank. Adjust the height accordingly, especially if you don't want a scroll bar appearing on the side of your folder gadget.
  • Experiment with whether you want the folder to display as a list of documents, or as a grid view. Personal preference.
  • You don't need to include a title and a border if you don't want to, but if you do, remember you can change the default colors for this by going to More > Manage Site > Themes, Colors and Fonts > Content Area Gadgets > ...
  • IMPORTANT: When inserting folders, check the sharing permissions. Private folders will not show up for site visitors. You will see them, because they are your folders, but others will not. Set permissions to anyone with the link. Folder permissions apply to any and all documents you add to the folder so you don't need to do individual documents. 

Google Sites Test Folder Embed

3. Using a Google Form as a Contact Form

Create a stylish contact page with a Google Form and insert it into your contact page on your Google Site. It does not need to be a complicated form, just Name, email address, and a comments box.

Once you have created and inserted the form, go to the Responses spreadsheet, and click Tools > Notification Rules to set up an auto alert that will send you an email every time someone fills in the form!