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Day 3

Settling in...

• We need to update the participant page.  Copy the URL to your ePortfolio and take your picture, or use an existing one and send them to
     Image task - before sending to Kathleen,  change the image resolution to width 150 x  height xxx something pixels (include the res of the pic in the name of the file..  
          Here's a great online site to do this:

• If your name is NOT a hot link to your C21 ePortfolio site, send Kathleen ( or Matt ( URL to your C21 ePortfolio ;)
            Iowa City 21 Participant Information
• Post any activities to Professional Development Report form

• Post your image project to your C21 ePortfolio site

• Download and install Adobe Reader X to your computer

Intro Video...

YouTube Video

Google Sites - Page Level Permissions

In order to allow participants to leave comments on your Image Project page, we will first need to grant access.

Google sites now allow "Page Level Permission".  We will learn how to setup these permissions and invite C21 participants to "engage" on selected pages.

You will need the Google Acct of participants!  You will find a complete list in a Google Docs "Collections Shared With Me".  

Careful.... your Google Acct is in the list - don't change your own access privileges ;)

Image Project Sharing

Go to the Participants page
Selecte the ePortfolios of your table mates
View the image project posed
Leave a "comment" providing the author with positive and constructive feedback

Searching For Audio & Video Podcast

Before creating audio projects for our students and ourselves, let's take a look a some already created for use in the classroom.

A.  Searching iTunes Store for Classroom content (Downloading / Subscribing)
        Featured items:  iTunesU  /  Lit2go  / National Geographic  /  CNN Student News

    Participants will search iTunes Store for relevant curriculum material and subscribe to at least on podcast.

B. On the Web - review for other web audio and video podcasts:

    TED /  NPR  /  PBS  /  Storynory  / Virginia Trekkers

Let's Talk About File Conversion

When distributing audio and video files it is important to consider you audience and the type of computer they are using.

If you need to "convert" an audio or video file to a different format here are a couple of free tools to consider.

1. Zamzar - This is a free online conversion site that will allow you to upload and change a variety of digital items to a format of your choice.  You will be emailed once completed.

        *For our GarageBand project below, you will need to "convert" the .m4a format to a mp4 format so the project can be upload to Google Docs!

2. Any Video Converter - PC users have access to a great piece of software that is free to download and will convert most any video into the desired format.

Audio Project #1 - African Safari

For this project participants - with a partner -  will combine audio recordings to images to tell a Digital Story.

Normally, much time will be spend by students to collect images and write their script. But for this project we have prepared these items for you (see attached material).

Our focus will be to utilize a couple of tools available to construct this "digital story".

Mac user will be learning and using GarageBand (with iTunes and iPhoto)
PC users will be learning a free application called Photo Story

Once completed, we will explore a variety of ways to "post" this project to your Audio Project page.

Tool Resources:
GarageBand - at Apple  /  at Atomic Learning: versions 08  09  11
Photo Story - at Atomic Learning  

African Safari Evaluation

Evaluation of this project using "Student" NETS from ISTE  (see attached pdf)

Will use Adobe Reader X to "markup" this document.  Save and attach to your Audio Project page.  *Mac user can also use Preview

Task - with a partner, review the ISTE student technology standards and "highlight" the standards you believe we meet creating the above digital story.

iPod / iPad  Setup

1. Setup an Apple iTunes account - Do this first before connecting your iPad to your computer.

2. Follow the instructions with your iPod/iPad

3. Tour the iPod/iPad

4. How to get apps...
        a. from the iPod/iPad
        b. from iTunes

5. More on Apps

6. Request WiFi access for your device at your District if necessary (email WiFi number to appropriate individual).

7. Setting up mail on your iPod/iPad

For you iPad users ;)  Our GWAEA iPad rollout site with resources

Audio Project #2 - Interview w/Voice Memo

Task - Conduct an interview with your partner using an App on your iPod/iPad.  Here is the question you will pose - "How are you thinking of using this mobile device professionally or personally?"

iPod user will use Voice Memo (already loaded on your iPod)
iPad user will use Audio Memos SE (free install at Apps Store)  *Can purchase Voice Memo or Audio Memo for 99

After conducting the interview "send" audio file to each other (if mail is not setup, you will need to "sync" to your computer to obtain audio file).

Once completed, we will explore a variety of ways to "post" this project to your Audio Project page.

Which iPad Case




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