Day 4

Intro Video

YouTube Video

Dan Pink - Right Brain Qualities

WNM Overview

Story... with just a few words

Telling Stories with as few words possible. Let's take a look at a few samples:

6 Words Memoirs - Not Quite What I Was Planning

6 Words online    
        "Going very fast to places unknown"  t.amsler

4 Words Film Review

50 Words Website

Audio Project #3 - Why I Became a Teacher

Task - Write, then record, a 50 word mini-saga entitled: Why I Became a Teacher   

1. Create a 50 word story using Google Docs (you will find the word count under the Tools menu). Yes, it must be exactly 50 words. Share this Google Doc with

2. Record your 50 word story using free online Audio tool - Aviary Audio Tool (one of a suite of free online tools).

3. Demo use of Aviary - Aviary Audio tutorial

Evaluation of Why I Became a Teacher

Evaluation of Project using ISTE's NETS for Teachers

*Will use Preview / Adobe Reader X to Highlight and Markup document > save with pair names > "attach" on Audio Project page.

Now that we know how to use markup tools in Preview and Adobe Reader X, lets look at a more "collaborative" markup tool - Crocodoc


For Special consideration.... "When I Become a Teacher" Video

When I Become a Teacher

Review of online Audio editing/creation tools

  • Vocaroo - A simple, free web-based service for recording and sharing voice messages across the internet.  Just record your voice and share. Recordings have a limited lifetime on the site.
  • Voisse - A free web-based service for uploading or recording, storing and sharing audio. Users can use these recordings in a variety of ways.
  • Google Voice - A google app that ties in with a mobile phone service to forward and manage calls and manage voice messages. Voice messages can be saved and used in other ways.
  • Audacity - A free software download that let's you record and edit audio on your computer.  Will need LAME to convert to files to mp3.
  • Hey.... it's right there on your computer!  Simple audio recording tools:
    • PC's - Sound Recorder:  Go to All Programs > Accessories > and select Sound Recorder
    • Mac's - Quicktime Player:  Open the app Quicktime Player > File > New Audio Recording

Audio Project #4 - This Day in History

For this project we will use a free, online tool called   VoiceThread   -  A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways. 

Demo:  Comment on my VoiceThread project...

How to create a VoiceThread in one minute!

Embed gadget

Go to this site and create a new account or login if you have an account.

Task - Create a story of your birthday using VoiceThread. What happened on the day you were born?  Don’t need to include birth year.

Use the websites listed below to see what happened on your birth date (the year isn’t important!) Find 3 images to upload to VoiceThread, add a Comment with what happened on this day in history for each image, and add a audio recording for each image.

* Remember that the images need to be jpg.

Right click (Windows) CTRL Click(Macs) and “Save Picture As” 

  • Quickly convert resolution and format at   (yet another free, online image editing site)
  • Post the link of your VoiceThread project on your C21 ePortfolio Audio Project page, with a brief description
  • Fun Resource:  100 Ways to Use VoiceThread

Helpful Sites for this activity:

This Day in History

Brainy History

Library of Congress:  Today in History

Wikipedia - List of Historical Anniversaries

Share and Comment.... Go to the VoiceThread of your table mates and leave a comment "How I would use VoiceThread in my classroom" - try all the methods to leave comment.

Session Evaluation

Please take a moment to respond to a few questions to help us improve this session(s) - C21 Session Evaluation

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