21st Century Institute Online Component

Exploring Online Instruction

The focus of this online component will be to...

1. Provide C21 participants an opportunity to experience online instruction.

2. Expose C21 participants to an online course from the perspective of a student.

3. Explore the unique pedagogy involved in online instruction.

Our online course is hosted at the Iowa AEA Professional Development website.

You will begin at:  http://moodle.aeapdonline.org/  to create an account and access our course.

    Note... you will also need an "enrollment key" to enroll yourself in this course.  Your instruction will email this enrollment key to you.

At the bottom of this page you will find a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to create an account and access our online course entitled:  Exploring Online Instruction


Here's is a short video that will also demonstrate how to create an account and access our online course.

YouTube Video

Here's an overview of course "Exploring Online Instruction"

w/ "benchmark" dates

Feb 23        Unit 1 - Getting Started (profile, forum, and overview of course)    approximately 45 minutes
Apr 20        Unit 2 - Introduction to Online Learning    
approximately 70 minutes
Apr 20        Unit 3 - Building Your Toolbox    
approximately 90 minutes
May 16        Unit 4 - Online Assessments    
approximately 120 minutes
May 16        Unit 5 - The OLLIE Project    
approximately 30 minutes

Intended to take the place of one day of our C21 program, the estimated times above will vary from student to student.

Tony Amsler,
Feb 21, 2012, 10:24 AM