Day 6

Materials Needed:
  • Bring a device to record video (iOS, Android, Digital Camera)
  • Headphones
  • *Note to Windows 7 users - You need to download windows movie maker if you don't have it.
Video - Something to Think About... 

YouTube Video

Reflection.... Implications for Education? Let's collaborate, even if we don't have a Google Acct -

Copyright 101:  Can I do that?  T & M

Is it legal for me to use this clip?


Show YouTube videos without the visual clutter:    ViewPure   

Fair(y) Use Video

Copyright for Kids

Taking the Mystery out of Copyright

Copyright material from AEA Online -  "Copyright BriefNOTES for Students"

Margaret Gould Stewart:  How YouTube thinks about copyright

University of CA, Irvine Open Courseware offers this free slide deck "Intellectual Property Primer".  

         Kay's suggestion....  On the first page of any multimedia project should be the following...

                   "Some of the material in this presentation is covered under the Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S. Code."  

       News from YouTube - if you violate their copyright rules you have to go to school -  YouTube Copyright School

Where is copyright going?  

Copyright and Creative Commons (In plain English)

Consider...  Creative Commons  "Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation."

Video Project #2...  M=iMovie, T=Window Movie Maker

Task: Your team will create a 60 second video showing how you would integrate Copyright issues in your class.
Each member of the team should be responsible for a video clip that will be edited into the final project - Yes, total project 60 seconds.  Each member of the group length?  Well, you do the math ;)
You can use whatever tool you would like to collect the videos (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, digital camera). Need some ideas for your video? Take a look at the content resources above.

We will use the video editing tool on your computer (iMovie on the Mac, Windows Movie Maker on Windows).


Demo Tool (divide into OS groups)

Finally, How do we share this?

Assistive Technology..... 

Julie Freed, Grant Wood's Assistive Technology consultant, will be joining us for an overview of what's happening in the world of Assistive Technology.

1:00 pm to 2:00pm

Grant Wood AT website is:   

Our Twitter feed is:  #ATGWAEA if you wish to follow Julie for updates

Contact Julie....

LinnMar AT contact....Patty Soldner   319-399-6409  

Univeristy of Georgia

iPad Updates

Let's take some time to "share" useful apps & take a look at some of the iPad "Assistive Tech" setting in the iOS


Let's take a look at another "app" we can use as a Formative Assessment tool:
    Teacher Clicker - Socrative  / Student Clicker - Socrative  
    Note.....For a teacher to create quizzes these Apps you will need to setup an account at the Socrative website
            For a student to "interact", not account is necessary (they only need the name of the "room")

Something New... 

Activity...  What are QR (quick response) Codes and Augmented Reality

1. QR Scavenger Hunt... Lets Play with this demo
        QR Treasure Hunt Generator (at

2. Create your own QR at

3. Augmented Reality....  Play with Fetch! Lunch Rush (distribute packets)

4. Sample AR sites (need print outs)...
        GE Smart Grid
        Olympus Camera
        Getty Museum

5. Making 3D images... Check out Google's free 3D designer - Sketchup

Session Evaluation

Please take a moment to respond to a few questions to help us improve this session(s) - C21 Session Evaluation

Between Sessions Assignments

  1. Do an video project with your students > Post project to your C21 ePortfolio Video Project page
  2. Talk to someone about what you learned.
  3. Record above to Professional Development Report.
  4. Complete online course - "Exploring Online Instruction"
  5. Finish Dan Pink's book (return next time)