Day 5

Materials Needed:
Participants, please bring iPod or iPad to capture some video
earbuds/headphones if you have them
Download & Install Any Video Converter

Settling in...

Video - Something to Think About...

YouTube Video

iPad Sharing and Apple TV Demo

Want to play flash content on your iPad?

Share Audio Project...

Time to Share....

Go to our Cohort's Participants page and select the ePortfolios of your table mates.
View the audio project posted.
Leave a "comment" providing the author with positive and constructive feedback.
? Not able to leave a comment ?  Make sure you have been given page level permission ;)

Video Format Presentation...

Task:  Pick a partner and create a Google Presentation that will help teachers and students understand what they “need to know” about each of the five prominent  video formats (go beyond the techno babble ;):

.avi   .wmv   .flv   .mov   .mpg

Not sure about Google Presentations?  Check out a couple of short tutorials at Atomic Learning - Google Presentations.

Note.... “Share” presentation with your facilitator.

Resources:  Here are a few sites to get you started…

        • The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Formats

        • Media Formats Explained  Scroll down a bit to see “a short list of the most common                               container formats, the file extensions they use, and a bit of history”.

        • Google Search

Video Project #1...

Create a "Technology in Our Schools" video


For this project you and a partner will create a video entitled... Why should we use tech in our schools?

    1. This video can be no longer than 60 seconds

    2. You will use your iPad or iPod Touch to capture your video.

        Tip...  StoryBoard your video before shooting.  One clip is all you get.  

    3. Once you have captured your video, email to yourself (or sync).

    4.  Upload video to your Google Docs (set Sharing to "Anyone With a Link").

        Tip... you might have to change the extension to .mp4

    5. Insert video into your Video Project page.

                Question... how can you get this video to your partner?

Assistive Technology Workshop ...

Assistive Technology Activity - with Julie Freed 1:30 - 2:15

Something New...

Activity...  What are QR (quick response) Codes and Augmented Reality

1. QR Scavenger Hunt... Lets Play with this demo
        QR Treasure Hunt Generator (at

2. Create your own QR at

3. Augmented Reality....  Play with Fetch! Lunch Rush (distribute packets)

4. Sample AR sites (need print outs)...
        GE Smart Grid
        Olympus Camera
        Getty Museum