Day 2

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Let's Play With

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21st Century Learning Institute Portfolio (Working With Google Sites)

Throughout this course you will be recording your projects and sharing using an online electronic portfolio. Together, we will take the portfolio template. Today, you will learn how to add an image, text and links to a Google Site.

Browse the Google Sites templates for - c21 Participant Template.  Name your new site with your name and eportfolio (sample:  Tony Amsler eportfolio)

Share the site with your instructor and other 21st Century Learning Institute participants. The list is in your Google Docs folder.


Atomic Learning Videos

Tony's Working With Google Sites
*Sites shared with you outside of your (bubble)Apps Domain:

Some Google Resources

The Big Picture for 21st Century Technology Skills

            Local – Search your District's site for student technology standards - LinnMar's Tech Standard's and Benchmarks

            Iowa CORE – Technology Literacy

            International - ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education

iPad Distribution

1. Setup an Apple iTunes account - Do this first before connecting your iPad to your computer.

2. Follow the instructions with you iPad

3. Tour the iPad

4. How to get apps...
        a. from the iPad
        b. from iTunes

5. More on Apps

Request WiFi access for your device at LinnMar -

After requesting WiFi access, please complete this Google Spreadsheet

Where else can I get images?

Have you used the AEA Online Resources?  Let's look at iClipart for Schools & AP Images.
Have you used Google's advanced search to locate appropriate Usage Rights of images and material?

Similarities/ Differences

  • PhotoPeach- Easily create, share and edit pictures and slideshows!
        Here are some sample projects.....
Assignment: Create a PhotoPeach project to share.

Find a topic to show similarities or differences in photos. Use vocabulary with photos or images.


                  Geometry…circles, squares, shapes

                  Science…inventions…pencil to computer

                  Econ…advertising from billboards to bumper stickers

                  English…use of dictionary to computer

                  PE…evolution of chairs!

                  Footwear…different shoes and their effect on posture


                  Reading…Authors  Genres

? How can we "share" these project ?  Ideas ????

Let's Look at the ISTE Standards Again

Let's assess these projects. Which of the NETS standards could a project like this address? Why?

See attached NETS_for_Students_2007_Standards.pdf  at the bottom of this page.

An Introduction to Daniel Pink

Dan Pink's Blog

WNM Overview

What does Dan Pink believe?  Implications for education?

Select one of the two questions above, create a single sentence and enter it online at Today'sMeet constructed for this activity.  Create your own Today'sMeet at:

Vocabulary Activity 

Create a list of terms based on your curriculum, or use the "Diamond" option at Poetry Form Website

    Amazing Mail

Zamzar- use this site to convert different types of files.

Keep Vid- site to download YouTube videos to share offline.

Between Session Assignments

  • View Dan Pink Video
  • Do an image project with your students
  • Post an example of your project to the Image page of your C21 ePortfolio
  • Share what you have learned with..someone, a small group, team building etc... then
  • Record on C21 professional development page
  • Complete implementation survey (will be sent via GWAEA)