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Day 1

Hey... set your cell phones to vibrate.   ;-)

Intro Activity - Mentor Qualities

YouTube Video

What are the top 3 qualities you think a teacher should master to be an effective mentor? (Rank in order of importance)

Post your list at Stixy     (Creating your own Stixy)

Added Items:

New Site Overview & Expectation

1. Brief overview of the new site and links

2. Expectations for Year 2 Participants

            Mentee selection considerations...
                    a. Who can benefit from your learning?
                    b. Who can you work with effectively?
                    c. Can you meet with this person frequently?
    *Mentee can not be enrolled in C21.

Registration & Business 

1. Fill out the electronic registration for this course. 
  1. Go to:    
  2. Type in your last name, first name, and your driver's license or social security number. Then click on "Login".
  3. Update your "My Profile," especially if your email address has changed.  Be sure to click on "Update Profile" when finished making corrections.
  4. Click on "Register" tab.
  5. In the space provided, enter this code: xxxxxx
  6. Follow steps to update special needs and select credit option.
  7. Complete payment information and click "Register". 
  8. You may now log off the Professional Development Registration System. You will receive a system-generated email confirmation/receipt of your registration.
2. Share your Google Account with the group. This is how information will be shared.   Complete this form.

3. Take your picture (or use an existing one) for our participant page for the course.  Send to
        We will add your photo next to your info on the participant page
        *Image task - before sending to Kathleen,  change the image resolution to width 100 x  height xxx something pixels (include the res of the pic in the name of the file..  Here's a great online site to do this:

4. One at a time you will access the Google Site with the participants information and complete (edit) your information. 

5. Be sure to have Adobe Reader X installed on your computer.  

Mentor Activity

Table Reading of attached article "Teacher to Mentor"

1. Download article and open with Adobe Reader 10 (remember, you just installed this ;)
2. Divide reading responsibility between table members - as equitable as possible.
3. For each section assigned use both the Highlight and Comments tools to identify important points contained in your section.
4. Share important points with table members.

Adobe Reader X, not a bad "mark-up" tool (Yes, recent versions of Preview will "mark-up" as well)

Let's try a collaborative "mark-up" tool - Crocodoc

Here's one created for this Reading:

Update Participant's ePortfolio (Working With Google Sites)

We will need to update and modify your C21 ePortfolio to reflect Year 2 material.  First, lets take a tour of the management tools for Google Sites.

Here's what you will need to update/modify on your ePortfolio:

1. Goals for C21

    a. Below last year's goal Reflect on your goal(s)
    b. Below your reflection, write 2 goals for C21 Year 2

2. Edit Project Page navigation - rename Year 1 Project Page

3. Add a new navigation to the sidebar entitled Year 2 Project Page
        a. Create a new page entitled Year 2 Projects, and add to Year 2 Project Page navigation
        b. Create a new page entitled Mentee Info & Projects, and add to Year 2 Project Page navigation

4. Fix "Links" navigation due to changes in sites
        a. Create a new URL for C21 Prof Dev Entry. Here's the url:
        b. Create a new URL for C21 Main Site. Here's the url:

Team Tech Project - Best Places Activity

Where in the United States do you think is the best place to live?

In teams of 2 to 3 particpants, you will collect and organize information that will convince the group that your selection is the "Best Place" to live.


    1. Your team will collaborate in the construction of a Google Presentation.

    2. Slides can contain / use / highlight and technology tool used in C21 Year 1 (or something discovered on your own)

    3. Include something in your presentation to "engage" your audience (remember - they all have a computer)

    3. Duration of presentation to the group - 60 seconds per team member (each will present)

    5. Team will "storyboard" project before beginning.  Go the Google Docs public gallery > find and get "StoryBoard for C21"

    4. Post finished project to Year 2 Projects page in your C21 ePortfolio 

Multiple data sources





Team Tech Project - Best Places Activity - Debrief with CEI

Best Places & CEI

Reference Iowa DE CEI

START poster with suggested CEI integration

Who is Sir Ken Robinson?

YouTube Video

Expanding Your PLN

So, what have you been doing to expand your PLN?Create  Twitter account

34 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom

Interface tour – security

Who to follow?  “It’s not always what you say, but who you follow”

Tired of going to the Twitter website to see what's happening?  Download a handy Twitter app that runs when you want it.

        Popular Twitter apps – Twitter Deck (Mac & PC) , Itsy (Mac) , Twhril.(PC)

Here’s a great Twitter resources from Stacy Behmer

Stacy's Twitter and Teachers Site

Stacy's Diigo Bookmarks with Twitter Resources

NEA article:  Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? 

Between Session Assignments

Select and work with Mentee:
          Collaborate on ePortfolio site
          Setup Twitter account
          follow Ken Robinson on twitter (others?)
Search Profession Journals for another article related to the practice of Mentoring (using Gale) and post a paragraph review in your Mentor page (ePortfolio)
Post to Prof Dev Report
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