Engineering Digital Library (Home)

Thank you for visiting the Grain Valley High School's Digital Library for Project Lead the Way (PTLW). Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves academically in the varieties of courses offered through PLTW. Our PLTW courses here at Grain Valley High School (GVHS) give students the ability to progress through four levels of pre-Engineering courses giving them an insight into the world of engineering. At the end of each of our four classes, students can earn college credit based on their End of Course Testing scores and class scores.    

Our GVHS PLTW Engineering Digital Library is currently is set up for the courses offered here at GVHS. These include Introduction to Engineering and Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), Digital Electronics (DE), and Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA). Each course is considered a sub-topic, which corresponds with the subject listed above. The links within the sub-topics are resources to help students develop projects, solve problems, and develop resources for our engineering coursework. The majority of the resources found within this library are free and available to all Project Lead The Way (PLTW) students. 

Canvas Access

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) - access the curriculum for the course in which you are enrolled here at GVHS 
(assigned username and password required). In the LMS you will have access to  Syllabi, presentations, assignments, discussions, and assessments. The LMS is the first place to go when you get to class or need information. 

Just for Fun

How Stuff Works - a reliable site giving background information and straightforward explanations on how stuff works. The site has quiet a few categories: animals, auto, culture, entertainment, health, and more. Articles, videos, authors with credibility makes this site awesome for research. Items you have never thought of are here and learning some interesting trivia along the way just adds to the fun.

Discover Engineering - check out the many varieties of engineering careers. Receive ideas about ways to explore engineering and watch the movie on cool activities to try. Add some of their upcoming events to your calendar and experience engineering first hand. 

Software Products and Support

AutoDesk - a link to the Autodesk Education Community. All PLTW students have access to this community. Students can download free Autodesk software similar to what is being used in class and receive a 3-year license of the software. This site also has areas for students to share ideas, enter contests, and discuss problems they are having when working with the Autodesk products. This software is also used in the CEA class as well. 

PLTW Engineering

PLTW Engineering is an overview of the Project Lead the Way program. It gives an insight into why you might want to take a PLTW course. The video shows how the PLTW course work relates to real world problems.

Extra Learning Links - a multitude of engineering related news, videos, resources, and jobs. A variety of webinars from spacecraft to aircraft designers. Current information from robots cooking dinner to material that will increase your battery power. - help for remembering the correct formula for Fluid Power or Ohm's Law. Browse for information on materials, unit conversion, design center, formulas, mathematics support, and various processes. The only drawback is some links require a membership to the site which can be a monthly or annual membership fee.