Dual Patroller Page

We are your next personal challenge! You will enjoy the fun and adventure of Nordic Skiing.  Join us and learn new skills and learn to patrol from different perspective.
  • Be a NSP Member in good standing at another ski area
  • Maintain OEC and CPR/AED certifications through annual refreshers
  • Pay National, Division, and Region dues through your local area and pay additional GVNSP annual dues.
  • Attend the annual Nordic-on-the-Trail Refresher
  • Complete Nordic S&T evaluation program.
  • Within 2 years, complete Mountain Travel & Rescue level I and Extrication clinics as scheduled.
  • Be willing to patrol five weekend day shifts throughout the ski season, from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Desire to learn new skills, have fun, and get some exercise without the need for lift service
For more information: 
Contact tomadler@gvnsp.org or skip@gvnsp.org