Joining the Ski Patrol

GVNSP gets ready for the season!


Do you have a strong desire to help others?
Are you a lover of outdoor adventure and recreation?
Do you ski with passion?
Does learning and using emergency care skills sound challenging?


  • NSP members undergo rigorous Outdoor Emergency Care education and training
  • These skills are useful for outdoor rescue and safety operations year-round.
  • Your main objective in being a National Ski Patrol member is to assist area management in caring for injured or ill people and in making winter recreation safer and more fun.
  • Your professionalism earns respect from the Nordic skiing community while you perfect your skills, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.



Traditional path: starts in August.

1. Completion of the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course.  

The course starts in August and meets 2 weekday evenings every week until September. In September and October, there were meetings on Wednesday night and Saturday AM conducted at local ski areas for hands-on practice.  The final examination was in early November.  Schedule may change from year to year.

2. Completion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  This is included in the OEC course. (CPR-BLS for the Professional Rescuer).

3. Completion of "Introduction to Skiing and Toboggan Handling" taught by instructors from the patrol.  There will be 6 all-day ski sessions on the local Nordic trails.  Attendance of at least 5 of the six days is necessary to pass the final skills exam at the end of February.

4. You are now a Nordic Patroller.  

Alternate Path Starts in January:

1.  Take Introduction to Skiing and Toboggan Handling" (see above) 

2.  After completing 5 weekly sessions to perfect your ski skills, build your endurance, and get to know the terrain in detail, Take the final test to demonstrate your skiing skills.

3.  The following summer, complete the National Ski Patrol's Outdoor Emergency Care course, including CPR for the professional rescuer


After becoming a patroller:

  • You are required to attend a yearly OEC refresher and a yearly on the trail refresher.  Both are held in the fall of the year.  
  • You must update your Professional Rescuer CPR credentials annually.
  • Take Basic Mountain Travel and Rescue course taught by the National Ski Patrol within the first three years of becoming a Nordic Patroller.
  • We will schedule you for 10 day-long patrol shifts in January and February at the Nordic areas we patrol where you will be on duty from 10 AM until 4 PM with 3 or 4 other patrollers.


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What interests you about being a Nordic Patroller?