Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol 2020 Season Starts Jan 4th!

Welcome to the Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol

Who we are:

  • The Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol has been skiing the trails since 1976 and we are a group of talented and dedicated outdoor emergency care professionals who ski on Nordic gear.  Our all-volunteer members are united by a passion for cross country skiing, camaraderie, and a willingness to work to ensure the highest standards of safety for the skiing public at the areas we patrol.
  • We belong to the National Ski Patrol, and were named "National outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol" in 2006 and again in 2014.  The NSP is a federally-chartered non-profit organization founded in 1938.  National Ski Patrol serves the public and outdoor recreation industry and provides education and credentialing to emergency care and safety services providers.  98% of the nation's 28,00 paid and volunteer ski and snowboard patrollers belong to NSP.
  • In addition to an extensive medical training program, we train in basic Nordic ski skills, low-angle rope rescue, search and rescue, and toboggan handling. We maintain the highest standards of safety in all aspects of our operation, and hold the safety of Nordic skiers as our primary concern. We are proud of the professional services we provide, and are proud to be a part of the Genesee Valley Region  Please feel free to contact us:

Harriet Hollister Spencer