Brief Resume


Currently (2012-2015)

  • System engineer.

  • Still writing test-driven object-oriented Python.

  • Automating processes.

5 years at Google (20072012)

  • Linux system administrator, site reliability engineer, system engineer.

  • Wrote test-driven object-oriented Python code every day.

  • Served as mentor and ad hoc teacher.

  • Engaged in data analysis.

  • Wrote, ran and managed programs running on cluster-scale systems.

22 Years at Emory University (1985–2007)

  • Programmer analyst, supervisor of consulting, senior consultant, senior and lead UNIX system administrator.
  • Supported desktop Mac, Windows and UNIX.

  • Supported mainframe systems from IBM, DEC VAX, BSD and Sun UNIX.  Later Redhat and other flavors of UNIX.

Highlights at Emory

  • Brought up TeX typesetting system on BSD UNIX, IBM VM, DEC VAX, DOS and Mac, and large data center Xerox printers.

  • Built team of up to five professional consultants plus grad student employees.

  • Helped to make them experts on all platforms, particularly UNIX.

  • Wrote call tracking software in Nextstep to allow analyzing customer service.

  • Administered servers running UNIX, Novell, and Windows NT.

  • Provided consulting on AIX systems to the libraries' Beck Center for electronic texts.

  • Worked to stabilize email and web services amid massive growth in usage and data.

  • Converted systems platform from Solaris to Red Hat Linux.

  • Wrote account management software to synchronize password changes across the enterprise and to integrate with account provisioning.

  • Helped select, install and operate a new 1024-core high performance computing cluster for research computing.

4 years as graduate lab assistant at Georgia State University (19931996)

  • Taught astronomy 101 and 102 labs.

10 years at the Museum of Arts and Sciences and Mark Smith Planetarium (19751985)

  • Two engagements as interim planetarium curator.
  • Three years as part-time observatory curator.

  • Five years as director of astronomy.

Highlights at the planetarium

  • Produced several public planetarium shows per year.

  • Ran a complete schedule of K through 12 shows during the week for visiting school groups.

  • Staff consisted of one part-time assistant and part time staff up to 12.  Senior part time (weekend) staff included a college professor and two full-time engineers.  Other part time staff were college students and high school students.

  • Focused all programs on scientifically accurate and well-explained and interpreted astronomy.

  • Built a low-voltage control system for projectors by printing our own circuit boards and building components.

  • Wrote software in Turbo Pascal to program complex slide sequences across multiple dissolving slide projectors.

  • Purchased a photometer and started an astronomical research group with a team of area astronomers.

Systems and Lanuages

  • Python and Perl with current focus entirely on Python.  Many other past languages.

  • A little bash shell, C, and Java.  Recently some Scala, Go, and Javascript.

  • Linux OS, Red Hat and Ubuntu.  Many other past operating systems.

  • Many different hardware systems including Sun, HP/Compaq, Egenera, EMC.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology BS physics.

  • Georgia State University, all course work, most research and exams toward PhD in astronomy.