. Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00 UTC  (Paris 10:00 to 11:00 ; Tokyo 17:00 to 18:00)
. to enter the virtual meditation room, click here  (room # : 975 577 4510)

note : even in the absence of a moderator, the virtual room is kept open. 


- Two times thirty minutes of practice (zazen), usually interspersed with 5 minutes of mindful walking practice (kinhin) - Short instructions may be given at the beginning of the session, and there is ten minutes may for exchange (mondo) at the end of the session, after the gong.
note : participants can freely join the meditation session in progress, or withdraw, in silence (mike off)

Connexion may be disruptured during the following periods :
- from Jan 26 to March 1  (Indonesia)
- from April 1 to April 23  (Japan)
- from June 7 to June 15 (UK)


Meditation means culture of attention. To meditate is to be attentive. The question then comes down to asking : "When should we be attentive?", and the answer is : "At all time". One must meditate at all time, because being attentive is the healthy condition of mind as opposed to being distracted. It's the normal state of mind. You do not ask : "When should I be healthy ?". In the same way, one should be able to meditate in any circumstances. Moreover, life is also a permanent teaching. But you cannot receive a teaching without being fully attentive. Our daily meditation session is just a reminder, not a daily accomplishment.

In the beginning, meditation may seem constrained and artificial, because we associate it with a goal, but in the long run, goals vanish and give way to mere and natural practice of attention. The so-called ego relaxes its grip ; remains the cushion, but empty of the meditator. 

The habit of meditation dissipates the fog that hide things as they are. When you see things as they are - and not as you wanted them to be, or as you were told they were - reacting to situation has no point. When it rains, it rains ; when it's sunny, it's sunny. You cannot change it and don't want to change it any longer. You just adapt without particuliar the reactions that make up our lives. People think they are living when in fact they keep reacting. 

Meditation is a wholesome habit that keeps you away from the trap of action and reaction.