A D M E E  association loi 1901                                                                                                                              
ASSOCIATION POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DE LA MÉDITATION & L'ENTRAÎNEMENT de l'ESPRIT    (Association for the development of meditation & training of the mind)
ASSOCIATION POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DE LA MÉDECINE ÉCOLOGIQUE ÉDUCATIVE               (Association for the development of educational and ecological medicine)

is a non-profit organization whose mission is to respond to the difficulties of a modern world disoriented by the loss of benchmarks. The toxicity of the nutritional, social and spiritual environment leads to an explosion of autoimmune diseases (body), psychological disorders (speech) and ontological interrogations (mind). The solution lies in the culture of attention (meditation) which the association promotes in all areas of everyday life, mainly through the framework of zen. It also participates in experimental research on attention, and organizes lectures and workshops to explain "why" and "how".

MEDICINE AND NEUROSCIENCES: THE "WHY". It is now established that the brain has a certain level of plasticity. We can train it. It is not solely a mass of a one and a half kilogramme in the skull, but a dynamic network of neural pathways adapting to needs and conditions. Knowing how it works prevents us from work overload and irrational fears that, in turn, manifest by somatizations and mental disorders.

CONTEMPLATIVE TRADITIONS: THE "HOW". At the same time, contemplative traditions like zen and dzogchen, have considerable empirical knowledge about the nature and training of the mind. Rather than changing the world, they invite us to perceive it differently, no longer according to cultural, societal and family formats, but from a free and independent standpoint, just as it is. Returning to reality as it is frees one from hope, fear, stress and subsequent somatizations.

Seiun DÔSEN is the monk name bestowed on Guy Durand by zen master Taisen Deshimaru in 1980. He encountered his teacher in 1969 and followed him until he died in April 1982. At the same time, during the seventies and eighties, he was fortunate enough to personnally exchange with J.Krishnamurti and refine his understanding of zen. In 1995, the circumstances put him in touch with the Nyingma branch of the Tibetan Dzogchen lineage. In 2006, he engaged in the traditional three-year retreat and, in 2012, joined the Bön lineage of Dzogchen with Lopön Tenzin Namdak.

Guy DURAND also made a career at Air France as a pilot, after studies in aeronautical engineering (ESTACA) and a short period with the Armée de l'Air. In 1976 he graduated in psychology (University Paris V) and in naturopathy in 1994, with a specialty in nutrition and autoimmune diseases.