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Franklin Sanders

A love for Life, God and Gold

My guest on this episode is Franklin Sanders, the Moneychanger. He has been a gold and silver dealer for about 35 years, is the author of many books, a daily commentator at the-moneychanger.com and goldprice.org, a pastor, a writer, a precious metals expert, a farmer and father of seven who took on the US Federal and the Tennessee Governments as well as the IRS in relation to questions surrounding gold as “money” in a court battle that lasted more than a decade.

The interview provides a fascinating look at a man who does not shy away from controversy and stands up for what he thinks is right. I focused mostly on his expertise in Gold and was trying to find out what it is, that fascinates humans so much about it. The interview was recorded on 2 Dec 2014.

Charts mentioned in the interview:

Franklin Sanders - How I beat the US Government
Franklin Sanders, the Moneychanger, was back on the show telling me all about the lawsuits he went through when he was sued by the US Federal Government, the State of Tennessee and, just to make it a bit more interesting, the IRS
This is with a distance the most popular GuTrade episode so

I asked Franklin back basically due to popular demand, because a lot of people asked me about that lawsuit Franklin was talking about in my first interview with him.  While the first interview focused very much on Franklin’s expertise as a Gold trader and precious metals authority (as it should in a trading podcast, right?) this time there is not a word about trading, options trading or Gold silver ratios, it’s just pure and simple Franklin talking about what happened when he got sued by the US government for conspiracy and failing to pay income tax.
Franklin was kind enough to send me a photo of his family, once you listened to the podcast you will understand why I post it here.