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In no particular order, here are the interviews I have done.

Prof. Augustin
It all started with Prof. Patrick Augustin. He had just published a paper on his research into insider trading around company announcements and Company Mergers. I found the way he tackled the issue so fascinating and he was more than willing to share his findings.

A few month later we had another chat about a follow-up paper he had written, again about insider trading, but this time the focus was insider trading surrounding company spin-offs.

One of my favourite personalities in this industry is the flamboyant and ever so fascinating Tom Sosnoff. He is like cryptonite to the financial services industry with his no-nonsense approach. If the numbers don't stack up, they don't stack up, no matter how many lines people draw and how many acronyms people use. 

Tom Sosnoff - Case Sosnoff
And while we are at the Sosnoff family, one of my favourite segments of Tom's online shows at Tastytrade.com is the one where he teaches options trading to his daughter Case Sosnoff. I asked her for an interview, she agreed and here is what she had to say what is is like to be growing up in a full blown trading household, surrounded by traders, trying to fill some huge shoes. 

Franklin Sanders
Before I forget, Franklin Sanders, "The Moneychanger", was also on my show. Twice in fact. While the first interview about his expertise in Gold was very interesting and equally well received, it was my second interview with him that still tops the GuTrade download charts. Ok, that does not mean much, but in relative terms this interview has 3 times the download numbers of the second in place (which is held by Case Sosnoff in case you are interested). 

Then there is another very popular interview, with the man who taught me Options Trading way back. David Novac is now a good friend of mine. He is a regular guest on various TV shows and an all-round pleasant guy to be around. 
David Novac

While he and I by now have quite different opinions about trading and how the subject should be approached, there is nobody who I know who knows his was around options and trade repairs like he does.

Haydn Froggatt
Haydn Froggatt, both one of David's and one of my brokers also agreed to share his wisdom. Have a listen to what goes on in brokers' minds, you know, those guys that are often loathed by traders because they cannot really lose in that game. Is that really so?  Have a listen.

Another two-times guest on the show is Tom Webster. There is no denying, I have a knack for gadgets and the IT industry. One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is called Security In Thirty and Tom, you guessed it, is one of the two hosts. I had him on the show first to talk about how secure public WiFi networks really are (spoiler alert: I do not use them any more without a VPN). Then I asked him back and we had a chat about Bitcoin. Turned out to be a very profitable chat for me, so have a listen.

One of the most memorable chats for me is the talk with Dr. Michael Shermer about Confirmation Bias. He is a three times TED talk speaker and a super star in the world of Skeptics (real Skeptics, not those who have high-jacked the term for being climate science deniers) and in many ways a hero of mine. I was amazed how easy it was to get a hold of him and how incredibly generous he was with his time. I told him beforehand what I wanted to chat about but we deviated during the recording quite substantially. Yet his ability for in-promptu adjustments through his deep wealth of knowledge were admirable. I loved "meeting" him. 

Then I vented my anger at the ASX when the "
Best Investment Firm, Best Equity Capital Markets Firm and Best Equities Research House in the 2013" BBY went bust. As the regulator who takes a cut out of every trade they have a big responsibility to safeguard against exactly this scenario and they failed miserably in my opinion. Here is more about what happened.