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It amazes and amuses me that there is the need for a page to tell readers not to make investment decisions based on a web site or podcast they have come across somewhere on the Internet. Thinking about it, it also makes me wonder, whether someone who needs such a page, would actually read let alone understand a disclaimer page. But hey, here it is.

Do not make investment or purchase decisions based on what you hear in this podcast or what you read in this blog. If you did not know that before you read this page I strongly suggest you seek professional advice. There are plenty of licensed professionals out there who can assist you with your needs – I am not one of them.

Be aware that nobody involved in the production of the podcast or this web site is a licensed financial advisor or registered broker or dealer or is in any other way qualified to give financial advice. Information provided in any form, be it by the host or any of the guests on the show or any other published material associated with this site is of a general nature and is designed to provide generic information and entertainment only. It is in no way tailored to any listener’s or reader’s particular individual situation. Nothing related to this site is designed as financial advice, investment advice or makes any kind of investment recommendations.

Further it is the nature of a blog and other web sites that frequently information is published without a proper fact checking. Information published is the opinion of the author of the blog entry or the guests on the podcast show or the web page author. Be aware that opinions are subject to errors and change frequently.