2. The Concept

 me: basically it is a simplification, and replacement of all of our institutions
 johniskalel: you gonna be a dj?
 me: with one which are 10 times more effecient and sensible
  haha, dj? DJNATE - will save the world
 johniskalel: niiiiice
2:04 AM you been writing any tunes?
 me: basically all the institutions operate on a totally different paradigme
 johniskalel: i just broke my writer's block finally
  i follow ya
 me: than the one we've been stuck in for the past 8000 years
  we've been in a dominant-style paradigm
  and I'm going to simply move people over to a life-serving paradigm
2:05 AM one which focuses on meeting individuals needs, everybody's needs, and the needs of the environment
 johniskalel: that's awesome
  how do you plan on doing it?
  with a few simple widgets
2:06 AM which can make their way across social networking sites
  and will run on all internet enabled phones
  and of course all desktop, laptop, and mobile computers and devices
  you wanna see the widgets?
 johniskalel: SURE dude
  i love this btw
  i gel with all this
2:07 AM sry if my lingo's weird, i'm kinda drunk
  been a rough couple of weeks
 me: just sent it
2:08 AM johniskalel: awesome
  to my email?
 me: get it?
 johniskalel: hmm no i didnt
  xxxx@yahoo.com ?
 me: haha, if I had google audio/video up and running i'd explain it to you
  do you have skype?
  nah, the one we're talking on
 johniskalel: no i don't :(
 me: johniskalel
 johniskalel: oh, ya i don't have the aim mail setupo
 me: @gmail
 johniskalel: send it to xxxx@yahoo.com
2:09 AM me: dig
  do you have skype?
 johniskalel: no i dont sry
2:10 AM me: no worries, tell me when you have it up . . .
2:11 AM The most crucial widgit is the first one