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One of the important stages of a research, scholarship or creative project is sharing the outcomes with the wider community.  Listed below are abstracts of projects that were shared at conferences, exhibitions and performance off campus.
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DepartmentTitleAuthorsAcademic Year
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Characterization of Lipooligosaccharide binding to polystyrene nanoparticles Morgan Timm (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,16), Benjamin King (), Jennifer Fiegel (University of Iowa) 2015_16 
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Characterization of the Oligomeric States of E. coli Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Ligase Elizabeth Wiese (15), Kathryn Diederichs (15) 2014_15 
Biology Hypercalcemia Secondary to Hypervitaminosis D Complicated by Calcium Level Modulating Mutations Leads to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Griffin Reed (Biology,16), Morgan Timm (Biology,16) 2014_15 
Biology Interactions of leaf functional traits, herbivory and genetic diversity in Echinacea angustifolia: Implications for fragmented populations. Reina Nielsen (Biology,16) 2014_15 
Chemistry The Second Dimension In Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography Is A Strange Place Eli Larson (Chemistry,18), Dwight Stoll (Chemistry,Faculty), John Halvorson (Chemistry,18), Joseph Eikens (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,16), David C. Harmes (CHE, Lab Tech), Monika Dittmann, Abraham Lenhoff 2016_17 
Chemistry Effects of method development decisions on the quantitative performance of two-dimensional liquid chromatography Dwight Stoll (Chemistry,Faculty), David Harmes (Chemistry,Faculty), Tyler Brau (19), Ray Sajulga (Chemistry,17), Eli Larson (Chemistry 18), Sarah Rutan, Carr Peter 2016_17 
Chemistry The Second Dimension In Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography Is A Strange Place John Halvorson (Chemistry,18), Dwight Stoll (Chemistry,Faculty), Eli Larson (Chemistry,18), Joseph Eikens (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,16), David C. harmes (CHE, Lab Tech), Monika Dittmann, Abraham Lenhoff 2016_17 
Chemistry Application for Student Conference Travel Funds Anna Krieger (Chemistry,17), Brandy Russell (Chemistry,) 2016_17 
Chemistry The Preservation of DNA Using Magnetic Ionic Liquids Matt Sorensen (Chemistry,16), Kevin D. Clark (12), Omprakash Nacham (University of Toledo), Jared L. Anderson (1) 2015_16 
Chemistry Optimization of 2DLC Conditions in the Separation of Furanocoumarins in Plant Extracts John Danforth (Biology,16), Mack Burnham (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,16), Dwight Stoll (Chemistry,Faculty), David C. Harmes (Chemistry,Lab Tech), Dan Cook, Sarah Rutan 2015_16 
Chemistry Electrospray-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry coupled to online, comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography for the characterization of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies Matt Sorensen (Chemistry,16), David Harmes (), Gregory Staples (), Szabolcs Fekete (), Davy Guillarme, Alain Beck, Dwight Stoll (Faculty) 2015_16 
Chemistry Photoreduction of Hg(II) and photodemethylation of methylmercury: The key role of thiol sites on dissolved organic matter Josh Portner (Chemistry,16), Jeff Jeremiason (Chemistry,Faculty), Douglas Latch (98), George Aiken () 2015_16 
Chemistry Characterization Of The Oligomeric Transition Of E. Coli Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Ligase Kathryn Diederichs (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,15), Elizabeth Wiese (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,15), Brenda Kelly (Chemistry,Faculty) 2014_15 
Chemistry Characterization Of Aqueous Metal-Pyrazole Complexes Anna Huff (Chemistry,15), Guillermo Turcios (Chemistry,15), Stephen Miller (Chemistry,Faculty) 2014_15 
Communication Studies Social Media In Times of Crisis: Ferguson Jake Volness (Communication Studies,16) 2015_16 
Communication Studies Mao's Ignition of China Julia Rydberg (Communication Studies,17) 2015_16 
Communication Studies Is it Still a “Man’s World”?: Analyzing Teen Dramas, Their Stakeholders, and Shifts in Representations of Normative Gender Megan Lokensgard (Communication Studies,16) 2015_16 
Communication Studies CRAFT: Challenging Norms and Respecting Traditions Brittany Knutson (Communication Studies,15), Karin Nordin (Psychological Science,15), Kate Spaulding (Communication Studies,15) 2014_15 
Economics & Management Implication Of Preference For Positive Skewness To Asset Pricing: Evidence From The Japanese Stock Market Thanh Nguyen (Economics & Management,15) 2014_15 
English “What Are The Things That You Dream?”: Dreams as Vehicles of Character Development in Supernatural Anne Casey (English,15) 2014_15 
Environmental Studies Pb in an ombrotrophic bog decreases over time Erin Baumann (Environmental Studies,17), Jeff Jeremiason (Environmental Studies,Faculty), Stephen Sebestyen () 2016_17 
Geography Hazards of Being Human: GIS Analysis of Human Trafficking in Uganda Danielle Yaste (Geography,16) 2014_15 
Geography Hazards of Being Human: GIS Analysis of Human Trafficking in Uganda Danielle Yaste (Geography,16) 2014_15 
Geology Relationships Among Morphology, Texture, And Chemistry In Stromatolites Of The Green River Formation (Eocene, Wyoming, USA) Lindsey Reiners (Geology,17), Tanner Eischen (Geology,17) 2016_17 
Geology Relationships Among Morphology, Texture, And Chemistry In Stromatolites Of The Green River Formation (Eocene, Wyoming, USA) Tanner Eischen (Geology,17), Lindsey Reiners (Geology,17) 2016_17 
Geology Rover Instrumentation: Identifying Extraterrestrial Biosignatures Ruby Schaufler (Geology,17), Julie Bartley (Geology,Faculty), Aileen Yingst () 2016_17 
Geology The Physical and Biochemical Alteration of the Platte River by Phragmites australis, an Invasive Species of Wetland Grass Russell Krueger (Geology,17), Rachel Mohr (Geology,16) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Validity of the Fitbit® Distance Traveled Feature Among Multiple Speed Trials Christina Marton (Health Fitness,16), Stephanie Otto (Health & Exercise Science,Faculty) 2017_18 
Health & Exercise Science Disclosure Statements in Higher Education Physical Activity Programs Isaac Lange (Health & Exercise Science,18), Bonnie Reimann (Health & Exercise Science,Faculty), Aaron Banks (Health & Exercise Science,Faculty) 2016_17 
Health & Exercise Science The Effects of blind and sighted practice conditions on balancing board performance in female college students Chante’ Anderson (Health Fitness,16) 2015_16 
Health & Exercise Science The Comparison of Health Behaviors Among Collegiate Athletes and Non-Athletes Alyssa Ciatti (Health & Exercise Science,16), Stephanie Otto (Health & Exercise Science,Faculty) 2015_16 
Health & Exercise Science Preferred Exercises To Enhance Mobility In Total Knee Replacement Geriatric Patients By Physical Therapists Chloe Everson (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science The Effects Of Partial And Full Sleep Deprivation On Reaction Time And Sobriety Test Performance In Collegiate Students Anne Salmela (Health & Exercise Science,15), Karissa Marie Schwecke (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Difference in vital capacity in sprint training swimmers versus distance training swimmers Aaron Erickson (Health & Exercise Science,15), Tommy Panetti (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science The Effect Of Static Stretching Vs. Dynamic Stretching As A Warm Up On 40-Yard Dash, Broad Jump, Shuttle Run, And Vertical Jump Performance Matt Humphries (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effects of mouth guard use on bench press and back squat performance, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion in college men Zach Vine (Health & Exercise Science,15), Cory Ellis (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Comparison Of Oxygen Uptake Values During Treadmill Exercise At 70% Of Estimated Maximal Oxygen Uptake Between Facemask And Mouthpiece Gas Collection Methods Laura Dobler (Health & Exercise Science,15), Sidney Dirks (Health & Exercise Science,16) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effect Of Consuming Breakfast Before And After Steady State Exercise On Plasma Glucose Levels, Personal Energy Levels, Rate Of Preceived Exertion, And Respiratory Exchange Ratio Emily Marquette (Health & Exercise Science,16), Kelsey Harms (Health & Exercise Science,16) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Comparison of maximal oxygen uptake between long distance swimmers and log distance runners Zac Solis (Health & Exercise Science,15), Ryan Tollefsrud (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effects of the back plate compared to a traditional starting technique on reaction and ten yard time in a swimming start Breanna Schlegel (Health & Exercise Science,15), Kelsey Wiebusch (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effects Of Acute Stretching On Walking Gait Speed Maggie Dionne (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Correlation Between Flexibility And Muscular Strength In Collegiate Athletes Cameron Cropsey (Health & Exercise Science,15), Barret Panning (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effects Of Caffeine As An Ergogenic Aid On Weight Lifting Regimes In Male Collegiate Athletes Kaitlin Lang (Health & Exercise Science,15), Bo La Fountaine (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science The Effect Of Practical Blood Flow Restriction Training On Hamstring Strength Gunnar Boettcher (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Acute effect of caffeine consumption on psychological perceptions of strength and strength output Kaitlin Lang (Health & Exercise Science,15), Bo La Fountaine (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science A Comparison Of Estimated VO2 Max Between Soccer Midfielders And Football Receivers And Defensive Backs Taylor Abild (Health & Exercise Science,14), Aaron O'Gorman (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Comparison Between Body Resistance And Weight Lifting Training Programs In Male College Students Sam Fischer (Health & Exercise Science,16) 2014_15 
Health & Exercise Science Effects of coffee and naps on anerobic exercise in collegiate volleyball players Rachel Arnold (Health & Exercise Science,16), Alyssa Taylor (Health & Exercise Science,) 2014_15 
Mathematics and Computer Science Odd Ghrist Templates are Universal Eric Hanson (Mathematics and Computer Science,16), Thomas LoFaro (Mathematics and Computer Science,Faculty) 2015_16 
Neuroscience Circadian influence on the salicylate-induced changes in the acoustic startle responses of rats Michael Ferragamo (Neuroscience,Faculty), Travis Sigafoos (Psychological Science,16), Brianna Titus (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,16), Janine Wotton (Psychological Science,Faculty) 2015_16 
Neuroscience The effect of sodium salicylate on rat exploratory and anxiety-like behaviors Matthew Baker (Biology,15), Samantha Banks (Biology,15), Lindsay Ortlip (Biology,15), Jackson Eliason (Biology,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Exploration of Swedish Nurse’s Perception of Nursing in Sweden Kailee Carlson (Nursing,15) 2015_16 
Nursing Relationship Between Personality Types and Coping Mechanisms Megan Gustafson (Nursing,16) 2015_16 
Nursing Pre-health Career Students' Perceptions of Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health Abigail Nistler (Nursing,16) 2015_16 
Nursing Exploration of Dental Assistants' and Hygienists' Perception of Exposure to and Effect of Nitrous Oxide in the Workplace Elizabeth Jenny (Nursing,16) 2015_16 
Nursing Tobacco Has Never Been Our Way of Life: A Story of One Student's Experience in the North Slope Borough April Phillip (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing College Students Heath Perceptions Of Electronic Cigarettes Melissa Doyle (Nursing,14), Aubrey Lambert (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Death perceptions and attitudes among health and non-health majors: A Descriptive Study McCartney Renn (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Perceptions Of Sleep Quality Versus Technology Use In High School Students Michayla Nelson (Nursing,15), Casey Skurzewski (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Exploring Creative Teaching Methods And Patient Care In A Simulated Scenario Ben Williams (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Exploring Doulas’ Perceptions Of Their Role In Assisting Women In The Labor And Delivery Process Molly Ashwill (Nursing,15), Ann Stevens (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Survey Of High School Students’ Perceptions Of Nursing Kaylee Maxon (Nursing,15) 2014_15 
Nursing Differing Perceptions of Human papillomavirus and its Vaccine Among First Year College Students Natasha Bowers (Nursing,14), Olivia Skaare (Nursing,14) 2014_15 
Nursing Effects Of Brief Messaging About HIV Testing And Unknown Infection Among Black And Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) Paige Miller (15), Gordon Mansergh (84) 2014_15 
Physics Spatial Distribution of Acoustic Radiation Force for Non-Contact Modal Excitation Micaela M. Algren (Physics,17), Cole O. Raisbeck (Physics,16), Thomas M. Huber (Physics,Faculty) 2015_16 
Physics Angular Distribution of Na22 Decay Coincidence Measurements: Novel Results Spencer Batalden (Physics,15), Ross Breckner (Physics,15), Thomas Huber (Physics,Faculty) 2014_15 
Physics Scanning Vibrometry Studies of Reed/Airflow Dynamics in Reed Organ Pipes Thomas M. Huber (Physics,Faculty), Peter B. Crady (Physics,14), Edward J. Kluender (Physics,14), Lucas J. Seewald (13), Charles Hendrickson (Physics, 57; Hendrickson Organ Company) 2014_15 
Physics Measurement of Vibration Resulting From Non-Contact Ultrasound Radiation Force Thomas M. Huber (Physics,Faculty), Spencer M. Batalden (Physics,15), William J. Doebler (Physics,15) 2014_15 
Physics Visualization of Vibrating Systems Using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer Thomas M. Huber (Physics,Faculty), Edward J. Kluender (Physics,14), Peter B. Crady (Physics,14) 2014_15 
Political Science Human Trafficking: Issue Framing by Religious Interest Groups Christina Sand (Political Science,15) 2014_15 
Psychological Science Investigating Child Engagement In An Informal Learning Environment Allison Birnschein (Psychological Science,17), Kyle Chambers (Psychological Science,Faculty) 2016_17 
Psychological Science HERVs, Neurotoxic Maternal Immune Response, and the Development of Bipolar Disorder Matthew Dietz (Biology,18), Brian Hastings (Biology,18), Janet Jennings (Russian Studies,17), Kassandra Pull (Biology,18) 2015_16 
Psychological Science Relation Of Gender Differences In Life Experience Conversations To Depression Ashley Ziegenhagen (Psychological Science,16), Carrie Boike (Psychological Science,15), Jordan Gette (Psychological Science,16), Mark Kruger (Psychological Science,Faculty), Richard Martin (Psychological Science, Faculty) 2014_15 
Theatre & Dance In This Space Nicole McGuigan (Theatre & Dance,17) 2016_17 
Theatre & Dance Transforming Study Abroad Education with TO (Theater of the Oppressed) Leah Soule (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies,16) 2014_15 
Theatre & Dance Wanderers Of The Mind Elizabeth Arndt (Health & Exercise Science,15) 2014_15 
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