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14. 4/19/12 M-Pact Meeting April 19th

posted Apr 19, 2012, 7:51 PM by Nicholas Atkins   [ updated Apr 19, 2012, 7:52 PM ]

1)    Relay for Life

a)     7:00pm – 7:00am April 20th/21st

b)    Josh will be eating the Chuck Norris Burger

c)     Swing will be performing!

d)    M-Pact Involvement

i)      Giving Complements, High Fives, Water, and Backrubs

2)    Feed My Starving Children

a)     Saturday

b)    It’s a fun and cool event

c)     93% of FMSC Donations go directly to food 

d)    M-Pact Group at 12:30-2:30 if you are interested

3)    Gender Bender Event

a)     April 22nd 

b)    People are going to come together and talk about Posters and how they impacted them.

i)      Talk about Action items people are going to take and do in order to keep the momentum and ideas of this movement going.

4)    D-Week

a)     Next Week (Sunday April 22nd and Thursday 26th are important)

i)      Sunday – Gender Bender

ii)    Thursday – 2:30pm will have a Huge Mural

(1)  Will throw darts / attack Hate

(2)  Physical way to get rid of/confront stress and things

(3)  Later on, will have a walk and you can dress up however you want.

iii)   Friday – Diversity Ball

(1)  Fun event, like M-Pact

5)    M-Pact Retreat

a)     May 11th

b)    At Chris Johnsons retreat cabin like place

c)     It’s a fun time, and we will be playing Hella lot of tanks.

6)    Elections

a)     Will be May 3rd

b)    Co-President

i)      Essentially the Leaders

ii)    Interacting with other groups and delegating tasks

c)     Historian/Webmaster

i)      Work the Website

ii)    Take care of getting info/pictures up on website

d)    DLC Representative/Treasurer

i)      Combined, as we are part of DLC makes more sense

ii)    As our budget is part of the DLC block budget

iii)   Good job if you like Math and work well with clear expectations

(1)  And if you like Diversity

e)     Reporter/Recorder/Secretary

i)      Take Minutes

f)     Publicity Chair

i)      Advertising

ii)    If you like Graphics/Poster Making, this is a good one for you

g)     Community Chair

i)      Planning events, setting up office hours, etc.

7)    White Ribbon