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03. 9/29/11 Office Hour Training, New Skit Ideas!!

posted Sep 29, 2011, 7:54 PM by Matthew Swenson   [ updated Dec 1, 2011, 9:02 PM ]

  1. People signed up for office hours and we did a quick office hour training
    1. if you are doing office hours, make sure to pick up a key
    2. we are starting next week!!
  2. Window Painting this week was epic!!
  3. We have new "Thanks for being you!" notes on new bright colored paper!  Check them out and write notes to friends
  4. M-Pact Chat - almost done with October issue
  5. We generated some new skit ideas. The game plan for skits is to write some new ones this about the new ones next week and then perform them the follow week (week after nobel!) Here were our new ideas:
    1. Evolving friendships with increasing demands of time – talking about what matters with the limited time we have with eachother 
    2. Being Busy VS Getting Involved 
    3. Transition from close friends in high school to wider networks in college 
    4. Body image pressures from media 
    5. Bro hug and not really paying attention when people say how they are doing 
    6. List of things guys can’t do… mean girls, cross legs, taylor swift 
    7. Pressures men feel with drinking 
    8. Inappropriate comments