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02. 9/22/11 New peeps, Skits, Window Painting!!

posted Sep 22, 2011, 4:58 PM by Margarita Novack   [ updated Dec 1, 2011, 9:01 PM by Matthew Swenson ]
  1. What is m-pact?
    1. check out our mission statement
  2. Overview and events
    1. M-pact focuses on skits to present ways that men deal with pressure and masculinity 
    2. The big event is m-pact's Men Retreat for men to go to a farm and self reflect on things that are important in their lives and talking with other men
  3. To Write Love on Her Arms
    1. Is about helping people with depression, cutting, and suicided. 
  4. T-Shirts
    1. Margarita N. passed around new t-shirt ideas
  5. Window Painting Homecoming
    1. TUESDAY!!! 6:00 on the 27th!!! 
    2. Come join on creating an wicked window and help win $500!!!
    1. Margarita and Matthew Martin is going to be on the October issue
  7. Skits
    1. Making some new skits to present to the Freshmen dorms and perform
    2. Inspirational skits that can get the message across 
    3. watched some skit videos and it was awesome to see what m-pact has done in the past. If you have any ideas about a story that you want to share and write down and your more than welcome to share.