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~M-Pact Bonfire

~M-Pact members and friends playing a game called TANKS!
~Consists of throwing tennis balls at other people while blind folded :)

On Friday, September 16th we had our first event of the 2011/2012 school year. The complex fire pit was the location of fun games, deep discussions, and yummy s'mores! Approximately fifteen students showed up to the event. It began with a few games to get the fun started and juices flowing. As the daylight left us we went over and sat by the warm fire. We chatted about various subjects and just got to know one another a little better, as some people were brand new to the group. A little later, we handed out two slips of paper and asked that everyone write one funny and one serious question on the paper and put them into a hat. We then passed the hat around and all took one of each. Going around the circle each person answered his/her questions while everyone intently listened. It was wonderful to get to know the new people as well as to learn a little bit more about existing members. M-Pact began the year with an event everyone enjoyed and we are excited to get to know more people and have the opportunity to do great things this year in our community!