Mentoring Men for Lives of Meaning and Making a Difference
Our group name is M-Pact because we are a group that strives to make an impact on the Gustavus community and society in general by mentoring men for lives of meaning and making a difference.
More specifically: M-Pact is a student-led organization of men and women who: 
  • Strive to get college men intentionally involved in service, leadership, spirituality, vocational reflection, and authentic relationships;
  • Stand up against men’s tendency towards violence and abuse of power; 
  • Work to overcome the pressures men face from society and unbalanced masculinity.

M-Pact Spring 2012

Curious about our group?  

MEETING TIME CHANGE! Please Note the new time:
Meetings are held on Wednesdays  at 7:00pm in Rundquist 
 Please check out the informational section about our group 
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