OLD: Achievements by Gustavus Faculty and Staff

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Adams, Ana Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
Bartley, Julie K. Geology 
Bloch-Qazi, Margaret C. Biology 
Braekkan, Kristian Economics and Management 
Brammer, Leila Communication Studies 
Briggs, Priscilla Art and Art History 
Brown, Joshua Philosophy 
Bruce, William Classics 
Bunge, Marcia Religion 
Burrack, Laura Biology 
Byers, Betsy Art and Art History 
Cha, John Religion 
Chambers, Kyle Psychological Science 
Conners, Pamela Communication Studies 
Cooper, Thia Religion 
Couey, J. Blake Religion 
Dembouski, Lisa Elementary and Secondary Education 
Dontje, Jim Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation 
Drake, Liz Health and Exercise Science 
Dugdale, Eric Classics 
Dwyer, Angelique Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
Elledge, Casey Religion 
Ericksen, Annika Sociology and Anthropology 
Ferragamo, Michael Neuroscience 
Fister, Barbara Library/Archives 
Frazier, Marian Mathematics and Computer Science 
Gerstbauer, Loramy Political Science 
Gilbert, Chris Political Science 
Gilbert, Julie Library/Archives 
Grinnell, Jon Biology 
Hecht, Lauren Psychological Science 
Heldke, Lisa Philosophy 
Holmgreen, Lucie Psychological Science 
Hong, Yurie Classics 
Huber, Tom Physics 
Hulseberg, Anna Library/Archives 
Hvidsten, Mike Mathematics and Computer Science 
Jenson, Jeff A. Library/Archives 
Jeremiason, Jeff Chemistry 
Joos, Mary Health and Exercise Science 
Jost, Rose Nursing 
Kittelson, Pamela Biology 
Knutson, Kate Political Science 
Koomen, Michele Elementary and Secondary Education 
Kyoore, Paschal Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
Lang, Martin Communication Studies 
Lindqvist, Ursula Scandinavian Studies 
Locke, Jill Political Science 
Lund Dean, Kathy Economics and Management 
Mattson Zust '76, Barbara L. Nursing 
Mellema, Steven Physics 
Meyer, Heidi M. Nursing 
Moos, Dan Elementary and Secondary Education 
Niederriter, Chuck Physics 
Nienow, Amanda Chemistry 
O'Connor, Peg Philosophy 
Pitton, Debra Eckerman Elementary and Secondary Education 
Podemska-Mikluch, Marta Economics and Management 
Reeder, Patricia Psychological Science 
Reimann, Bonnie Health and Exercise Science 
Ruble, Sarah Religion 
Russell, Hayley Health and Exercise Science 
Sánchez-González, Darío Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
Stadick, Jessica Nursing 
Stamps, Dave Music 
Stoll, Dwight Chemistry 
Sutphen, Joyce English 
Torres, Beatriz Communication Studies 
Triplett, Laura Geology 
Tunheim, Kathi Economics and Management 
Twait, Michelle Library/Archives 
Van Duser, Bruce Health and Exercise Science 
Versluis, Anna Geography 
Villanueva, Joaquin Geography 
Wolter, Sarah Communication Studies 
Wotton, Janine Neuroscience 
Yang, Sheng Economics and Management 
Showing 77 items