Community Connections


You have likely reworked your resume several times since Planning 10.  To complete this requirement you must submit ONE thing to your homeroom teacher:

a current, complete resume

Your resume should be beautifully laid out, easy to read, and include:

Academic Achievements
Include all grades or percentages, awards, Honour/Effort roll standings, grade point average, etc.
Record any competitions entered and how you did, science fairs, etc.
Mention any placements in  special programs, or classes taken outside of school hours

Athletic Achievements
Include all awards, team memberships, organizing of or helping with events (both in school and the community)
Include solo athletic activities such as running, swimming, equestrian, etc.

Achievements in the Visual and Performing Arts
Record all involvement in drama, music, band, choir, art, etc.
Include all competitions entered and awards won

School Involvement
List all school volunteer experience (give some explanation)
Include membership in any school-based clubs or committees  (i.e.: Counter Attack, Leadership, Creative Writing, Environment Club, Principal’s Advisory etc.)

Community Involvement
Include membership in community groups, church groups, etc. (i.e. United Way Youth Committee, canvassing for various charitable groups, Youth in Philanthropy group etc.)
Any volunteer work in which you have been involved (i.e.:  summer day camps)

Seminars/Conferences Attended
Record anything attended in or out of town (i.e.:  United Nations Model Summits, Red Cross Training, Food Safe, ICBC conferences, anything subject-related, etc.)

Skills/Personal Attributes/Interests:
This category can be broken down into separate areas if need be
Include computer skills, languages spoken, positive attributes (i.e.:  those highlighted on the Myers-Briggs test), etc.

Work Experience:
Paid work experience from summer or continuing jobs

Career Plans:
In a couple of sentences discuss what your intended career goals are
Keep it concise, but with enough detail to allow the reader to see that you have some sort of a plan