Computer and Design

* The following Computer and Design Course will only be offered through the Media Arts program.

Information Technology 10 - Lego Robotics and Programming

Lego Robotics and Programming teaches core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using a robotics engineering context.  Students will build robots out of Lego and then program their robot to move, respond to stimuli, and solve problems. 

Skills learned in this course  - mathematical and logical clarity, using data, systems thinking with mental models, and problem solving - are not just for robotics.  They are key to solving many problems.

* The following Computer and Design Courses will only be offered through the S H I F T program.

Drafting and Design 9 - 12

Drafting and Design, otherwise known as CADD, focuses on creating increasingly complex technical drawings using computer software. Initially students complete general drawings using 
ProgeCAD, and then can opt to create 3D drawings using SolidWorks. Students become competent and confident in computer use, in general skills and drafting and design skills in particular.

Our students are learning to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) through a donation of progeCAD Professional by progeCAD United States

Information Technology 9 - 12

This series of increasingly complex computer courses allows students to choose 2 modules per semester in the areas of Drafting and Design, Presentations and Spreadsheets, Web Page Design, Programming, Database Construction and 3D Animation. Each area is divided into multiple modules.  Students become competent and confident in computer use in general and develop skills in relation to the modules they choose. The nature of the course delivery lends itself better to students that are independent learners or have a keen interest in the subject areas.