Core Committee for Pre, Post & Golden Jubilee conference:

1. Dr. Rohit Shukla(Chair Person)

2. Dr. Tushar Hathi

3. Dr. Alaknanda Patel

4. Prof A. A. Shaikh

5. Dr. S. Srinivas Rao

6. Dr. S. S. Kalamkar

7. Dr. Mohan Patel

8. Dr. Hemant Shah

9. Dr. Ram Varotariya

49th Conference

Venue: Bhuj

R. R. Lalan College, Bhuj(Kachh)

President of Conference

Dr. Kiran Pandya


(1) Theory of Public Choice

Key Note Speekers

Prof. S. Srinivas Rao

Dr. Hemant Shah

(2) Issues in Banking Sector

Key Note Speakers

Dr. Tushar R. Hathi

Dr. Bharat Shah