Through this website, you will be able to easily locate information related to the committees formed to support and implement Guilford College's Strategic Priorities.

Information includes:

  • Committee charters

  • Committee membership rosters

  • Committee meeting schedules

  • Meeting Agendas

  • Summaries of Meetings [once they are approved by the committee]

  • The work, membership and materials of any sub-groups

  • Measures of success for each priority [when they are developed]

  • Periodic progress reports

Please contact any member of the committee if you have questions or concerns, or submit your questions or suggestions through this website.


September 2015:

President Jane Fernandes established the ad hoc committee on Strategic Planning to advise her in developing a short-term [2-3 year] plan that is centered on values-driven strategic priorities.

September 2015:

This website was established to facilitate ongoing communication between the various Strategic Planning groups and the wider campus community.

October 2015:

Guilford College Strategic Priorities were developed and approved by Guilford College's Board of Trustees in October 2015.

Spring 2016:

The name of the Strategic Planning group was changed to Strategic Priorities Oversight Committee [SPOC] to better reflect the work the group is actually doing.