International Club

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The International Club celebrated Mardi Gras by making masks, eating "king's cake" and learning about the traditions surrounding this fun-filled, exciting day! 
**Did you know that the colorful beads worn as part of the celebration are thrown during parades?  Do you know what the significance of each of the colors is? 
....The purple beads signify Justice
....The gold beads signify Power
....The green beads signify Faith


 **If you would like to learn more about Mardi Gras please open the attachment below titled "Mardi Gras".  You can also complete a fun Mardi Gras word search using words related to the celebration!
We celebrated "the year of the dragon" at FMS!  Students learned about Chinese traditions that take place during the 15 day celebration, made their own lanterns and snacked on some delicious Chinese treats!
**Students also had an opportunity to practice writing Chinese characters to spell the phrases "Happy New Year" and "Good Luck In The Dragon Year"!

 **If you'd like to learn more about the Chinese New Year, please click on the "Chinese New Year" tab at the bottom of the page! 
What animal represents the year you were born?  Find out by clicking on the attachment!!


Students and Parents

Do you have an idea for an upcoming meeting?  You can send me an e-mail with your idea or tell one of your language teachers! 
Parents, if you'd like to participate in an activity, just let your child's language teacher know and come on in!! 
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