Sunnyslope Vikingtown

Vikingtown is a 3-day retreat for student to learn more about themselves and others and to develop leadership skills.  The goal of Vikingtown is to help students gain "A better respect and understanding of all people".  Vikingtown is based on the model of the Anytown/Unitown program.

Students travel to Prescott,Arizona during the Fall semester of the school year.  Students stay in cabins with other students of different ethnicities and backgrounds with staff members assigned to each cabin.  Students have an opportunity to get away from the pressures of school and discuss hurdles that may interfere with the understanding of others.  Students participate in exercises in large group as well as small group discussions.

Through fundraising efforts and seeking donations from the community we are able to keep our overall cost low to students, each student participate pay $75.00 when actual cost is approximately $200.00 per student.  Funds raised not only cover costs for students/staff to attend the camp but also for supplies, snacks/water, materials, transportation and substitute costs.  

Vikingtown is a long standing tradition of Sunnyslope High School.  If you would like to hear more information about Vikingtown please contact the School Social Worker - 623-915-8738 or  Please consider Vikingtown with your Tax Credit donation.

Vikingtown Dates - February 1-4, 2017

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