Tax Credit

Fundraising is a large part of this Dance Program. Throughout the school year we have several fundraisers- each student will be asked to assist with them. In addition, State Tax Credit is a great way to help the dance program with purchasing costumes, props, and dance inventory. A tax credit form can be found in the link provided below to give families an opportunity to help with the Sunnyslope Dance Program. Tax Credit is a great way to help students purchase the proper dance attire for class without having to fund-raise. The Sunnyslope Dance Program has always appreciated the generous support of our dancers’ families and that of our school community. Your donation, regardless of amount, is much needed and will be truly appreciated. In the state of Arizona single tax payers can receive an income tax credit of up to $200 and married tax payers who file a joint return can receive up to $400 in tax credit. With your generous donation, the dancers will have the funds they need to ensure a successful and rewarding year.  

Tax Credit Donation Link