Sunnyslope Dance

2018-2019 Performance Dance

Office Hours
Monday & Tuesday 7:30- 8:00 am & 2:35- 3:30 pm
Wednesday 8:20- 9:00 am & 2:35-3:30 pm
 Thursday & Friday 7:30- 8:00 am & 2:35- 3:30 pm

**Ms. Threadgill coaches JV Volleyball in the Fall, so please be informed that the afternoon times vary.

Contact Information
Phone: 623-915-8760 Ext. 2832

Beginning Dance

-No dance experience required
-Maximum of 3 dances in the Spring Dance Show
-Jazz and hip-hop styles taught
-No auditions necessary
-Class sizes of 40+ dancers

Intermediate Dance
-Basic technique required
-Maximum of 5 dances in the Spring Dance Show
-Jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary styles taught
-Auditions required if student is wanting to skip Beginning level
-Class size is 30+ dancers

Advanced Dance
-High technique skills and prior dance experience needed
-Maximum of 7 dances in show
-Jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and tap dance styles taught
-Opportunity for small group dances in the show
-Auditions required to be in advanced
-Class size is 30+ dancers

Performance Dance
-High technique and confidence required:
a la secondes, single stag, center leap, triples, and pitch kicks
-Minimum of 8 dances in show
-Jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, cultural dances, modern, and tap dances taught
-Opportunity for small groups and solos in dance show
-Several performances throughout the year, many activities, and trips both in and out-of-state
-Auditions required to be in performance
-Class size is 15 + dancers