College PUSH

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Northern Arizona University    
Also  - Application make up day if you still need to finish up your University Application, FAFSA Application or look into Community College or Vocational programs come in and work on them during College PUSH time. See you there!
College PUSH is offered Wednesday mornings from 8-9 am during our late start time. This is an opportunity for both students and parents to come and hear p resentations from colleges, universities, community and vocational programs. Students will have access to computers to complete their applications along with asking questions to the representatives from higher educational institutions to ensure accuracy and  submission by deadline dates. This is an open forum and the representatives along with all counselors and career specialist are available to assist students in completing their applications and providing necessary supplemental documentation. 

Sign up to receive Mr. Cardinal text messages or emails to stay informed of who will be attending each College PUSH session. On the days there is no representative students are still encouraged to come in and use as a working time to apply for scholarships, FAFSA or complete career assessments for those that may still be researching their career of choice. All grade levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there!