The Glendale Union Education Association is offering four $250 scholarships to seniors interested in a career in education.

Ø Minimum 2.7 GPA

Ø Completed application

Ø Transcript

Ø Typed essay on topic:  “Why I Want to Become an Educator”  (180-300 words)

Ø Letter of recommendation from faculty member from the student’s GUHSD high school.

Ø Completed scholarship packet must be received by Jackie Smith at Independence High School by Friday, April 6, 2018.



1.                  The recipient will be a graduating senior who has spent at least one year enrolled in a Glendale Union High School District school.

2.                  The amount of the award is determined by the amount of money accumulated in the Moon Valley Staff Scholarship fund.

3.                  Qualifications for Recipient:

A.      Scholarship

·         Meets minimum entrance requirements for institution to which student is applying

·         Class standing is not in the top 15.49%

B.      Desire to pursue post-secondary studies at either a private, vocational, or public institution with a demonstrated financial need.

4.                  The scholarship committee will select candidate(s) after interviews and/or review of applications.

5.                  The award will be presented during the Honors and Awards Ceremony

6.                  The scholarship amount will be forwarded to the recipient’s choice of school for post-secondary study.

*Deadline is April 6, 2018.

Recent high school graduates who graduated with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher and who scored exceptionally high on GCC placement tests may apply for the Presidents' Honors Scholarship. The Presidents' Honors Scholarship covers the cost of in-county tuition for 15 credit hours per semester and automatically renews for a total of four consecutive semesters (summers excluded) as long the student meets the criteria for renewal.

Submit your application by April 1 if you wish to be recognized at your high school awards event. Otherwise, apply any time before July 1. (Students who apply after July 1 must pay tuition and fees and will be reimbursed once the application file is complete.) No applications are accepted after classes have started.

Requirements to Maintain a Presidents’ Honors Scholarship

  • Complete a minimum of 12 credits at the 100+ level within the semester (Pass/Fail credits excluded) each Fall and Spring semester;
  • Complete at least one 3 credit honors course each semester with a grade of "C" or higher;
  • Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.250 or higher (Cumulative GPA does include all Maricopa Community College credits.);
  • Maintain continuous enrollment for the four semesters (summer session excluded).
  • Complete two co-curricular activities each semester.
Application Portal is open for scholarship applications for Fall 2018 on February 1, 2018 through March 16th 2018.

Kaity's Way is a non-profit organization that works to educate the community on teen dating violence and the importance of healthy relationships. This scholarship is open to all high school seniors or recent grads who are interested in going to community college and pursuing a degree in:


Criminal Justice

Community Health Worker

Behavioral Health

Social Work

Volunteer Coordination

Nonprofit Management

Fire Fighter/EMT/Paramedic 

*The application deadline for students is May 31.

It is open to high school seniors in the United States who have been accepted to and will attend college (either 4-year or community) in the United States, and have an interest in the sciences.

Two students will be honored with a scholarship award of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) each, which will be issued to their accepting colleges.

Any student with DACA (and no DACA) can and should apply for this if they're looking for college scholarships.  This is good for highly motivated DREAMers with significant, unmet financial need. They consider student's GPA and test scores, and also place great emphasis on their demonstrated ability to overcome the barriers and challenges that DREAMers face each and every day.

Application Closes on March 1, 2018!

**NOTE: If you do not have DACA or TPS, you can still apply for the scholarship if you meet the immigration eligibility criteria (which mirror the DACA eligibility criteria). You will need to certify this as a part of the application.